Course. The feminist gaze 2021

From: Saturday, 14 November 2020

To: Sunday, 15 November 2020

Feminist perspectives in artistic productions and theories of art

Artium Museum is organising the 12th edition of the course entitled Feminist Perspectives in Artistic Productions and Theories of Art. Directed by Xabier Arakistain, art curator, and Lourdes Méndez, senior lecturer in Anthropology of Art at the Basque Public University (UPV/EHU), this annual course brings together speakers from various countries, disciplines and generations to analyse or intervene in the field of art from feminist perspectives.

Aiming to denounce and fight against discrimination, oppression and exploitation of women, these perspectives maintain that the category of sex structures the social, the gaze, language, art, its field and its institutions by combining aesthetic and political dimensions. Feminist perspectives also analyse male and female artists within the social relationship framework of sex, ethnicity and class existing in societies in which they live and, in doing so, reveal the reasons for the unequal recognition achieved by female artists and their works in the field of art.

The course provides an overview to a broad audience of the main contributions of feminist artists and art theorists by focusing on the theoretical and political issues that need to be addressed today in order to continue developing and disseminating art and knowledge that are free from androcentric and ethnocentric biases.

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 April

Free entry until full capacity is reached.
You have to register
beforehand to attend by sending an email to and providing your full name and contact telephone number.

Those wishing to attend virtually can do so via live streaming. The corresponding link will be
provided when they register.

Brochure of the course 


Saturday, 17 april

10.30 am. Handing out of material- Presentation of the course (Xabier Arakistain and Lourdes Méndez) and Documentation Centre (Beatriz Herráez and Elena Roseras)

11 am. Opening talk: Anna Caballé. Writer, Lecturer of Spanish Literature at the University of Barcelona, President of the Clásicas y Modernas association

12.30 pm. Break

1 pm. Talk by: Gema Intxausti. Artist, author of the Artium exhibition Among a Crowd, Watching an Arrest

2.30 pm. Break

4.30 pm. talk by: Garazi Ansa and Haizea Barcenilla. Art historians, EHU / UPV

6 pm. Break

6.30. Talk by Erreakzioa. Group formed by the artists Estibaliz Sádaba and Azucena Vieites

8 pm. End of the day

Sunday, 18 april

10 am. Talk by Carmen Gaitán Salinas. Art historian. Complutense University of Madrid

11.30 am. Break

12 pm. talk by Lara Perry. Historian, School of Humanities, University of Brighton

1.30 pm. Break

3.30 pm. Closing talk: Mari Chordà. Multidisciplinary artist

5 pm. End of the course

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