Lagunartean: Bene Bergado, Gerardo Armesto

From: Monday, 29 January 2024

To: Monday, 25 March 2024

Start hour: 6.30 pm

Arising from the interest of the Amigas y Amigos collective to understand the processes of creation and thought, this  programme involves a monthly gathering with leading artists in contemporary creation who participate in the museum’s programmes.

The gatherings will be held on Mondays, the day on which the museum closes its doors to the public in order to carry out all the tasks that are otherwise impossible.


22 April at 6.30 pm
Bene Bergado (Salamanca, 1963)

Bergado belongs to a generation trained in the 1980s at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bilbao, where she taught for a decade. She currently lives and works in Madrid. Her works deal with consumption practices and habits and their ability to transform the society we inhabit, proposing hybrid objects that combine reality and fiction. Her latest projects include Persona (MUSAC, 2020) and Decrecer (Degrow, Azkuna Zentroa, 2023).


27 May at 6.30 pm
Gerardo Armesto Larzabal (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1949)

With his initiation to art through painting, Armesto defines himself as a maker of objects, transitioning from plane to three-dimensional space. The titles of his series express his passion for line, plane and space: Cruzar-cortar (Cross-Cut), Tridimensional-plano (Three-dimensional Plane), Lugares y captores de luz (Places and Captors of Light) and Entre la luz y su ausencia (Between Light and Its Absence). His career has involved combining sculpture with painting, drawing and audiovisual creation, a field in which he is a leading figure in analogue and digital animation in our country 

Aimed at Friends of the museum. Free admission until full capacity is reached.
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