The digital editorial platform of Artium MuseoA is conceived as a tool to sustain an ongoing dialogue and engagement with the audiences of the museum and to build communities around its various programs on a wider scale. While the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basque country is currently making its building more porous to the exterior, through projects like Plazaratu, likewise, AMAonline articulates the wish for the museum to create deeper and more varied connections with its audience beyond traditional spectatorship and attendance. shares what the museum stands for, but also how its mission and its role are the object of continuous thinking and learning, and never taken for granted. Extending its digital, online presence offers new ways of presenting, promoting, and discussing the works and ideas of the artists and thinkers who are at the center of the museum program. Yet, it also implies to examine how the extended time spent online, which is such an important characteristic of the current moment, is affecting the way we read, think, and engage with art and with the world more generally. is a digital editorial project parallel to the print magazine AMA (Artium Museoa Aldizkaria).

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