About the Artium Collection

Since in the middle of the 70s of last century the Statutory Delegation of Alava was initiating a systematical and supported politics of procurement of works of art contemporary, the fund of today so called Collection Artium has not stopped growing up to turning into one of the collections of reference in its genre.

sobre la colección

The Collection Artium is integrated by about 3. 000 works of art, in which there are represented all the skills used in the contemporary creation, from the painting and the sculpture up to the photo, the video and the installation, as well as the creators who have written and write the art history of the XXth and XXIst centuries in the Basque Country and in Spain, from the first avant-gardes up to the most white hot actuality.

More recently, Artium has initiated the acquisition of works of international artists, in order to provide to the Collection of a wider context.

Between the Spanish artists, they emphasize names as Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Pablo Gargallo or José Caballero belonging to the first avant-gardes; Antoni Clavé or Antonio Saura, of the Spanish renewal; others, for quoting some, as Antoni Tàpies, Joan Brossa, Manuel Viola, Rafael Canogar, Pablo Palazuelo, Jorge Oteiza, Rafael Ruiz Balerdi, Eduardo Chillida or Andrés Nagel arisen from later generations; the already consolidated creators of the present, Txomin Badiola, Darío Urzay, Miquel Barceló, Cristina Iglesias or Helen del Rivero, between others; without forgetting a determined bet for the new values and emergent styles

Of the international ones, Bill Viola and Fabian Marcaccio, between others; all of them give body to a fund called to grow and evolve.

The main nucleus of the Collection Artium constitutes it the fund collected by the Statutory Delegation of Alava, although throughout last years there have taken place income of notable and numerous works proceeding from deposits and donations realized by private collectors and public institutions. The procurement approved by the Foundation Artium are done under a triple criterion:

  • Works belonging to the historical avant-gardes previous to the war of 36-39, which acts like porch of the Collection, eloquent examples of the surrealism, the cubism, the expressionism and other tendencies.
  • Pieces of the decades understood between 1940 and 1990, including works of few artists so much Basque as of the rest of Spain that on the day of today they do not belong to the Collection yet, as well as the second, third or fourth works corresponding to different epochs of artists who are already represented in the funds of the museum.
    Works belonging to the most current creation, so much of young creators of diverse origins with an incipient trajectory or new names in the panorama of the contemporary art

The Collection awards Artium a proper identity and a distinguishing character, although also complementary, with regard to other museums of the Basque Country and of Spain. In any case, it is a question of the singular and only patrimony that the center - museum has the obligation to extend, to preserve, to investigate and also to spread.

All this materializes in the different exhibitions in which Artium shows its Collection, following variable plot tracings. The exhibition is modified approximately every year, in order to show different works of the nourished Collection and, on the other hand, to reveal the narrative possibilities of the art of the XXth century. The proper funds of the center - museum integrate sometimes other exhibitions for its exhibition inside (exhibitions of camera or subject-matters of less dimension) or out of Artium.

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