The Collection I. First selection of the Funds

From: Thursday, 25 April 2002

To: Sunday, 22 December 2002

Place: South Gallery

Background and Avant-Gardes (1900-1939). Post War in Spain and Abroad (1939-1957). Renovation and Normalisation (1957-1980). Post Avant-Garde and Global Art (1980-2000). The threshold of perspective (2000...)

Leaflet (pdf)

Background and Avant-Gardes (1900-1939)
Prolegomena, influences and first attempts of our artists into classic Avant-Garde movements, up to the end of Spanish Civil War: Cubism, Surrealism and Expressionism.

Post War in Spain and Abroad (1939-1957)
The course of Spanish Contemporary Art is traumatically broken up when artists working abroad, and receiving the influences of international art are alienated from those other artists who, under the Spanish dictatorship, are trying to re-establish the idea of modernity.

Renovation and Normalisation (1957-1980)

Around 1957, Spanish and Basque art initiates a vigorous move to catch up and integrate in the most important international flows such as Pop Art, with its strong social commitment, informal and abstract art expressions, geometrical art and conceptualism.

Post Avant-Garde and Global Art (1980-2000)
After the crisis of the international artistic movement, and as a consequence of the economic downfall of the 60s and the hatching of art movements that expressed art through action and not through objects, the notion of post-modernity strongly arises. Such new eclectic concept recovers, as well as questions, all variants of the artistic system: styles, language, galleries, museums, etc.

The threshold of perspective (2000...)
Due to the technological development and the new forms of artistic production, recent art is still to be defined. What will we find in the future? Which might possibly be the course of the notion of art? One wonders what impact the artist's new questions will have on the general public? Here we meet the first hypothesis.

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