Beyond my feet. Artium Collection (sculptures)

From: Friday, 25 May 2018

To: Sunday, 22 July 2018

Place: Logroño City Hall Showroom

Twenty works of Artium Collection to review the evolution in the practice of sculpture from the end of XX Century to the first two decades of XXI

The exhibition suggests a tour around the 24 works extracted from the Artium collection, which were framed by the sign of sculpture. Sculpture that, besides being understood as a tridimensional work, encompasses installations, audiovisual work, drawings, photographs, texts, etc. Diverse meanings through which the art makes us experience the sign of sculpture in a concrete place and space.

The tittle, Beyond my feet, places us in a familiar space that does no longer belong to us. The works of this exhibit provide a lens into how contemporary art’s interests, stories and contexts are situated on the edge, at a place marked by confrontation, but also by new encounters and knowledge.  This narrow and unavoidably problematic space does not exclude the concepts of barrier and rupture, but it is essentially defined as a ground of exchange, where all what we know converges – a space of agreement and pact – with a resulting crisis, where representation and language are joined together.

The edge is a subject that is linked to the origins of art, and related to what we understand as contemporary. It is a part of our knowledge –to all extents – but also a part of what we do not know; of those concepts proposed as truth, of the evidence of its own artifice. It shows us language and change; skin, membrane and pore. The art articulates, generates, overpasses and exchanges experiences on that edge; and the objects that surround us become constructions, potential narrations of those encounters.

A Project by Artium Museum for SCULTO, Contemporary Sculpture Fair (Logroño).

Curator: Enrique Martínez Goikoetxea.

Artists: Ana Laura Alaez; José Ramón Amondarain; Ibón Aranberri; Txaro Arrazola; Elena Asins; Erick Beltrán; Bene Bergado; Jacobo Castellano; Francisco Leiro; Asier Mendizabal; Alicia Mihai Gazcue; Juan Luis Moraza; Jorge Oteiza; Alberto Peral; Javier Pérez; Jaume Plensa; Txuspo Poyo; Sergio Prego; Manuel Saiz; Carlos Scwartz; Santiago Sierra; Susana Solano; Ulrich Vogl

List of works  SCULTO Fair 

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