Ainara Elgoibar. Gold 20. Fundir y parar. Sala Z

From: Friday, 08 April 2022

To: Sunday, 29 May 2022

Ainara Elgoibar’s installations, texts and films explore her interest in industrial activity in both productive and leisure environments. The factory, the engine, glass, music and entertainment are recurring themes in her work. The two audiovisual works on display in this room belong to the same research related to the production of Gold 20, a gold-coloured architectural glass that is produced by depositing a thin composition of metallic layers on one side of transparent glass sheets.

In addition to these films, the exhibition includes a final model – following others previously made by the artist of buildings that either used or contemplated using Gold 20 in their construction. The model in question is the upper cone of the Intempo tower in Benidorm. The Gold 20 piece featured in Glas Marte Cut was cast in order to produce this small-scale model.

Gold 20. 2014. HD video. 16 min 49 s
Gold 20 portrays the production process of this glass. Its aim is twofold: on the one hand, to gauge the danger with which this video record is perceived in the plant and, on the other hand, to explore the limits of video in order to represent this industrial process.

Glas Marte Cut. 2016. HD video. 18 min 5 s
Glas Marte Cut follows the process of reproducing a small piece of Gold 20 glass at Glas Marte Gmbh (Austria), a company dedicated to the production of large architectural elements. The commission was an excuse to film the company’s production activity, an exceptional exercise per se, but also because of the tiny scale of the piece.

Image: still from Gold 20. Ainara Elgoibar 2014


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The Z Gallery (Z for zinema, cinema in Basque) programme is neither a season of films nor an exhibition. It is a project that constructs an intermediate space from which to reflect on and draw attention to works by artists making the leap into the cinematographic field as well as filmmakers exploring the exhibition format. It is a programme arising from the determined gesture of thinking about the moving image in the museum. A programme that aims to bring to the public authors interested in searching for new narrative forms by questioning the genres that historically categorise cinematographic language.

Curator: Garbiñe Ortega

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