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In Clamor, Edurne Rubio Barredo’s latest film, the artist depicts places that were used as burial sites for those relegated by the Catholic Church: suicides, babies who died before being baptised, executed people, atheists, passers-by and Protestants. By focusing on the specific history of the province of Burgos, Rubio has gathered together personal stories that are infused by the historical events and processes that have marked the region. The current state of these places reflects the coexistence of life and death and the cohabitation of various species within the territory, thereby questioning the monopoly over the sacred of certain institutions.

Edurne Rubio (1974) is a visual artist based in Brussels working in the fields of exhibitions, performance, film and architecture. Her research work has been associated with individual or collective perception of time and space. Her work is tied to documentary and anthropology, using interviews, archival images and research into oral communication.

Produced in collaboration with MONDRAGON 


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Screening of Clamor followed by a discussion with Edurne Rubio
Friday July 22, 12 pm
Free entrance





The Z Gallery is a space that explores new ways of associating film with art. It is neither a film season in a cinema nor a typical exhibition. It is a project that constructs a third space in the museum from which to visualise and analyse works by artists approaching the cinematographic field and filmmakers exploring the exhibition format. It is a programme that was created to think about the moving image in the museum, introducing authors seeking new narrative forms by questioning the conventions, genres and categorisations that have historically defined cinematographic language. 
Curator: Garbiñe Ortega

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