Irati Gorostidi and Mirari Echavarri. San Simón 62. Z Gallery

Irati Gorostidi and Mirari Echavarri. San Simón 62. Z Gallery [Image: 'San Simón 62'. Irati Gorostidi and Mirari Echavarri, 2022]

From: Friday, 24 March 2023

To: Sunday, 18 June 2023

Place: Z Gallery

A convent in Lizaso (Navarra) was home to the eccentric Arco Iris (Rainbow) community in the 1980s. The drab walls of the building were adorned with huge floral motifs and its rooms hosted large gatherings where people experimented with cathartic practices that had a new age tinge. The building today is inhabited by cloistered monks and the traces of that period are almost imperceptible.

The authors of San Simón 62 approach the place attracted by the testimonies of their mothers, who spent time in the Arco Iris community in an attempt to shake off the after-effects of Franco’s regime and confront the personal and political challenges of this new era.

Irati Gorostidi and Mirari Echávarri were neighbors for the first few years of their lives. The change of city separated them until some time later they met again in Bilbao to study Fine Arts. They've been working together ever since. 

Mirari Echávarri's latest works have been exhibited at Tabakalera, Artium Museoa, the Navarre Museum and international film festivals, among others.

Irati Gorostidi is developing her first feature film, selected for the 2022 Ikusmira Berriak program. Her previous films have been shown at international festivals and museums. 

This exhibition is organised with the collaboration of MONDRAGON.


The Z Gallery is a space that explores new ways of associating film with art. It is neither a film season in a cinema nor a typical exhibition. It is a project that constructs a third space in the museum from which to visualise and analyse works by artists approaching the cinematographic field and filmmakers exploring the exhibition format. It is a programme that was created to think about the moving image in the museum, introducing authors seeking new narrative forms by questioning the conventions, genres and categorisations that have historically defined cinematographic language.

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