Mechanical bonds. Performative practices in the museum

Mechanical bonds. Performative practices in the museum Muda Mathis & Sus Zwick, 1998. Photo: Thomas Kneubühler

From: Saturday, 10 June 2023

To: Sunday, 30 July 2023

The Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basque Country, Artium Museoa presents this exhibition and series dedicated to performative practices. Mechanical Bonds stems from the desire to consider the museum space and the relationships built within it in based on the bodies that inhabit it, attempting to create moments of porosity between the interior and exterior of the building through the varied practices of a number of artists and collectives.

The title of the project is a product of chance, as it is the recently discovered title of a painting by María Paz Jiménez (Valladolid, 1909 – San Sebastian 1975) that until now had been listed as “untitled” (1968) in the museum databases associated with its Collection. The painting is an almost monochrome canvas depicting several abstract forms crowded together as in a sci-fi landscape. The decision was made to replace the frame of the painting for the exhibition Bilduma Hau Collection. Elementary Movements (1950-2000) and the inscription "Lazos mecánicos" (Mechanical bonds) appeared on a piece of tape stapled to the wooden stretcher when the old frame was removed.

Curated by the artist Itziar Okariz and Catalina Lozano. 

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Performance cycle

Brochure (pdf)

June 10 
5 pm / 29 Condiciones para una imposición, Jon Mikel Euba
6.30 pm / Viaje de formol, Naomi Rincón Gallardo

June 24 
6.30 pm / Pulfiki pulkiki, Amaia Urra
7.30 pm / "…abesten saiatu nintzen…" "…baina ez zizuten entzuten…", Garazi Navas

July 1
5 pm / Performance, Sus Zwick & Muda Mathis
6.30 pm / Tripak pasiaran II, Tripak
7.30 pm / Concert, Les Reines Prochaines

July 7
11 am to 2 pm / Improvisationb workshop by Jeremiah Day (15 people)

July 8
5 pm / Nueva performance en el elizate, Jeremiah Day
6.30 pm / Hor dago, Erick Beltrán

July 13
4 pm / A Daily Practice with Works from The Collection. Feldenkrais session by Yael Davids (12 people)

July 14 
7 pm / A Daily Practice with Works from The Collection. Feldenkrais session by Yael Davids (12 people)

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