Chillida. Usos aplicados

From: Friday, 25 October 2024

To: Sunday, 02 February 2025

Opening on 25 October, the exhibition dedicated to Eduardo Chillida, Chillida. Usos aplicados (Chillida. Applied Uses), will present his facet as an illustrator and maker of two-dimensional shapes and icons, whether within the framework of his own exhibitions or as commissions made for both public and private organisations and institutions.

The show will explore the expanded universe of Chillidian silhouettes and underline his relationship to graphic design, poster art, textile arts, ceramics or jewellery, as well as the object-related notion of by-product and so-called “corporate identity”.

The exhibition is curated by Peio Aguirre.


[Image: Poster for the Munich 1972 Olympic Games. Eduardo Chillida, 1972. Documentation Centre, Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basque Country, Artium Museoa].

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