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Artium Museum will be reopening its doors on 2 June 2020 to an even safer space for the general public.

The Museum has therefore established a series of measures to ensure hygiene in its facilities and safety for its visitors. These measures also guarantee that the accessibility of the building will not be affected.

The public has been clearly and visibly provided with all the necessary information for a safe visit to the Museum.

Please consult with an Artium service staff member if you have any doubts.

Artium Museum relies on the responsibility and understanding of all its visitors to ensure that this series of measures succeeds in maintaining the Museum as a space free of COVID-19.

With regard to your visit:

  • Visitor capacity in the Museum will be provisionally limited in compliance with the indications of official organisations and also adjusted to the specific capacity of each exhibition hall.
  • Visits will be done individually or as part of family groups.    
  • It is advisable to pay for your ticket with a credit card to avoid as much as possible the handling of notes and coins.
  • The maximum recommended duration of a visit to the exhibition halls is two hours. This recommendation does not apply to the Museum’s inner courtyard and garden.
  • The Museum has established a route to follow during your time there in order to facilitate safe circulation for the visiting public. The route is conveniently signposted inside the building.
  • Mediation tools involving contact with the hands or head (such as leaflets, audio guides, programmes, etc.) have been temporarily removed. Visitors will be able to access this content through their mobile devices and through duly visible QR codes.
  • The Museum has made available 50% of its lockers so that visitors can deposit any objects they wish or those that cannot be taken into the exhibition rooms because of their size and/or characteristics. The dimensions of these lockers are as follows:
    • 70 cm high x 40 cm deep x 27 cm wide
    • 32 cm high x 40 cm deep x 27 cm wide
    • 32 cm high x 40 cm deep x 54 cm wide

Hygiene measures:

  • The use of a mask is mandatory. The Museum has NO masks available to the general public.
  • The Museum has intensified cleaning in accordance with new prevention guidelines, especially in shared spaces such as bathrooms and lifts.
  • Entrance doors to public spaces and services remain open and screens have been installed at public service counters.
  • The Museum has placed electronic hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at strategic points along its route.
  • All bins have a lid and can be opened by means of a pedal.

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