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Off Artium

miniatura artium sale

This programme is divided into two sessions. We will travel to the school for the first session (1 hour) and the second session involves a tour-workshop in Artium (2 hours).

Both sessions must be undertaken in consecutive weeks and the same topic will be dealt with in both. A minimum of two groups per centre must participate. The activity is only for schools in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Other centres need to check first with our Education Department regarding the possibility of doing them. We can attend up to three groups at the same time in the Museum.

We propose the following topics and curricular connections to explore in the two sessions:

  • People. People and bodies. Think and feel. Me and other: girls, boys and much more. Portraits and self-portraits. Looking for stories.
  • Places. Here, there. Public and private: mine and everyone’s. From home to school, and to the Museum. What does the Museum tell us?
  • Things. Useful, useless. Real, imaginary. What do things tell us? Art: why is this art?
  • The artist. Languages. Decisions, processes, trades. What does the artist tell us, and what do we see? Real and imaginary: I see it, I imagine it.
  • The seasons. Cycles and changes.
  • The whys. Intention, contemporary. Why do you think this is art?
  • Art and society. Other ideas. Context. Art and its relationship with the world. Do I believe it?
  • The future. How do we imagine it from the here and now?

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Visits and Workshops

miniatura visita guiada

The Treasure visit-workshop

Visits designed with different contents to explore the richness of the heritage in the Artium Museoa Collection.


Guided tour

Visits with different contents that allow a general approach to Artium Museoa or to focus on an exhibition or a specific theme.

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Film, Philosophy and Contemporary Art

miniatura arte cine filosofía

Connections. Film and Contemporary Art

Connecting film and contemporary art to open the door to analysing, discussing and considering existential issues important to them. The students watch a film and then go to the Museum’s rooms to view some of the works related to the topic in question.

List of films


Art, Philisophy… and life. Guided tour

A commented tour connecting exhibition content with various school subjects, such as Philosophy, History or Art History, and always using our own life experiences as its starting point in order to foster critical thinking and connect art and philosophy with our lives.

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Urbanism, Arhitecture and Contemporary Art

miniatura urbanismo

From the Plaza de los Fueros to Artium Museoa

This programme is divided into 2 parts. The first is a tour of the city to discover Plaza de los Fueros, town planning and art through the work of Eduardo Chillida and his collaboration with the architect Luís Peña Ganchegui. The second part takes place in Artium to conduct a project after discovering the works of Eduardo Chillida in the Artium Collection. The meeting point is at the model in Plaza de los Fueros.

In the case of Elementary School, this activity is offered only for 4th, 5th and 6th grades..

In collaboration with the Vitoria-Gasteiz Citu Council.

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University Programmes

miniatura universidad

Visit the museum with your students group

An initial practical approach to how they can use the Museum in their future careers. For students of Education, Fine Arts, Arts History or Tourism, etc. You can choose either a tour-workshop or guided tour. Times to be determined between the school and the Museum. You can request your desired times in the registration form

Introduction to Contemporary Art. Guided tour

This guided tour will help students to learn about the changes in art over the past few decades thanks to a participatory discussion that is based on analysing selected works on display in Artium, with an emphasis on the development of thoughts, ideas, processes and experiences.

Museographical tour

An approach to the Museum from a museographical perspective. For students of Fine Arts and Arts History. Times to be determined between the school and the Museum.

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Connections. Video workshops to work in the classroom or at home

We propose 25 video workshops of 2 to 3 minutes, connected to the school curriculum of the different school levels, to work both in the classroom and at home.

We invite you to send us photos and videos of the workshops to: We will publish a selection on our website and social networks.

Some videos





Programmes for Teachers

miniatura profesorado

Artium Museoa's programmes for teachers aim to provide teachers with the keys to understanding the museum as an educational resource and also to show its capacity to enrich the curriculum and provide the school community with a first-class cultural experience.

Artium Museoa organises training sessions in which the museum is explored as an innovative educational tool from which to work on the school curriculum in each of its aspects and phases.

The Artium Museoa school programmes are not only designed for students, they are also designed for you, because you can find out about new and interesting ideas that you can apply in your teaching practice.

Whatever subject or subjects you teach, whatever the age of your students, Artium Museoa gives you the opportunity to use contemporary art as an innovative educational resource.


Training sessions on the Artium Museoa exhibitions, 2023-2024

If you would like information about the training sessions, you can call 945 20 90 11 (morning hours) or send an email to

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