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Artium Museoa presents recently acquired works by Lorea Alfaro

Artium Museoa presents recently acquired works by Lorea Alfaro 3SPS3 INK. Fotograma. Lorea Alfaro, 2017

The exhibition do mess with me includes the videos <3 S P S <3 BLOOD and <3 S P S <3 INK, acquired in 2020 as part of the Basque Government’s support plan for the artistic sector.

In the same manner as the case studies and rotations within the exhibition Zeru bat, hamaika bide, Contexts from a Collection aims to increase the visibility of the museum’s outstanding contemporary collection.

As part of its Contexts from a Collection exhibition programme, Artium Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basque Country presents two videos by the artist Lorea Alfaro: <3 S P S <3 BLOOD and <3 S P S <3 INK, which have been recently added to the museum’s collection (A02 Gallery, until 16 January 2022). The exhibition do mess with me also includes a selection of works by Alfaro alongside these two pieces, including works made with wallpaper, Paski and Paretara, and the video Tú re-post. The exhibition is accompanied by the publication do mess with me, which contains a conversation between Lorea Alfaro and the photographer Rafa Castells. Contexts from a Collection is a series of exhibitions dedicated to showcasing the works of artists that have recently been added to the museum’s collection.

<3 S P S <3 (2016-2017) is a portrait and part of the design of a tailor-made silk shirt for the sitter, a singer from the Spanish trap scene. Lorea Alfaro views the design of the shirt like the making of a mould: “A mould is a piece [SHIRT], or number of coupled pieces [PATTERN], internally hollow but with the external details and imprints of the future solid that one wishes to obtain [HIM]. A flexible mould [SILK] is usually assembled with a rigid counter-mould [VIDEO] or ‘mother’ [MOTHER] that holds the shape to prevent its deformation [VIDEO]. The advantage of flexible moulds is that they can be removed more delicately [SILK], leading to a better result for the piece. It is also lighter [SILK] and more durable [ARTE]”.

The print on the shirt is a repeated motif of a tattoo that was on the forearm of one of her relatives. This same motif has had other bodies in previous works such as Paretara (2014) or the Paski #mablood scarf (2015). These repetitions, present in all her work, signal the artist’s interest in seeking ways of incorporating elements into life that stem from a type of attention, care and time, different from those found in everyday objects.

Lorea Alfaro (Estella Lizarra, 1982) is an artist. Her most recent works can be seen in the exhibitions 2020, together with Jon Otamendi (Fundación Joan Miró, 2021), Un mundo sin cualidades (Galería CarrerasMugica, 2020) or No lo banalices (Galería CarerrasMugica, 2018, 948 Merkatua, 2019). She has been working through the hollow brand LA (3l3a) since 2014.

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