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Artium Museum presents the exhibition "Cuerpos por un momento" by Ion Munduate as a part of its Contexts from a Collection Programme

The centrepiece of the exhibition is Lucía con zeta, a video from 1998 in the museum’s collection that is shown in context with two other works by Munduate.

Contexts from a Collection, in addition to the case studies and rotations as part of the exhibition Zeru bat, hamaika bide, aims to raise awareness of the museum’s exceptional contemporary collection.


Artium Museoa, Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basque Country presents the exhibition Cuerpos por un momento by Ion Munduate (A02 Gallery, until 29 May 2022) as part of its Contexts from a Collection programme. The centrepiece of the exhibition is Lucía con zeta, a video from 1998 that was acquired in 2020 as part of the Shared Collection initiative. Artium Museoa has produced a publication with a text by Sergio Prego to accompany the exhibition. One of the aims of Contexts from a Collection, alongside other initiatives, is to promote knowledge of the Artium Museum Collection by presenting recently acquired works alongside other pieces by the same artist.

The works that comprise Cuerpos por un momento share drawing and annotation as the origin of their execution, videos that have been made at various moments in the artist’s career. The beginning of each process, performance or video begins with drawing and is developed in various formats revolving around working from the body, text and space.

A thing becomes something else because it is moving, because it is situated between a moment immediately before and another immediately after. Each movement is based on a counter-movement, or on the fact that, in recovering movement, a trade-off or “breather” takes place, and this is what leads to its volume. From a situation of immobility produced by learning to dance, the artist had to rethink movement and its practice, to find the lost body.

The beginning of each process, performance or video commenced by drawing. The first being drawn, called Personne (Nobody), in his work Lucia con zeta (1998), was learning to walk. The series of drawings insisted on moving, on producing phrases of movement. The notion of notation and writing is what leads to the movement of this piece. This would be his first movement score as he attempted to trap time, the time of being.

He prioritised the notion of being a drawing, not a subject, during the reading of these drawings, thinking of the body in movement as a stroke. Thinking of a movement away from something, and towards something, the notion of interval. Interval understood in the sense of writer and translator Ashkan Sepahvand: “(...) as a process of hybridisation and mutation rather than that of separation, an act of renewal, not of transference”.

Ion Munduate (San Sebastian 1969) is trained in dance and performance, and he uses video in his work in addition to installations and performance. He was co-director of Mugatxoan between 1998 and 2012.

Contexts from a Collection

Thus, in addition to the permanent exhibition of the Artium Collection, Zeru bat, hamaika bide, the A01 Gallery generally hosts case studies and exhibitions linked to research work and the 1977-2002 period displayed in this exhibition. The Zeru bat, hamaika bide exhibition is periodically changed to add new internal routes. The creation of the #Bilduma series in Artium’s publications programme shares this same goal.

Artium’s acquisition programme helps to explore and report on the debates and practices taking place in the field of art today, as well as being an essential tool for sounding out a moment characterised by its dynamism and complexity. This is one of the basic tasks of the museum: to encourage the production of contemporary heritage and promote artists and their productions.

Artium Museum added Ion Munduate’s Lucía con zeta to its collection in 2020 as part of the Shared Collection acquisition programme promoted by the Basque Government.

Munduate begins the Contexts from a Collection programme in 2022. Daniel Llaría, Nadia Barkate and Lorea Alfaro were the artists forming part of the series in 2021.


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