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Upcoming exhibitions and programmes at Artium Museoa

Second semester advance preview (September 2022 – January 2023)

• Artium Museoa, Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basque Country will present the exhibition Iván Zulueta’s Rapture from 14 October, dealing with the world of this Basque filmmaker and his constant experimentation with images.
• The museum will open the first exhibition in Spain of the artist Jutta Koether, Black Place, on 28 October, displaying works spanning more than three decades of her production.
• Artium Museoa will present an exhibition dedicated to Rafael Lafuente in January 2023 as part of its 20th anniversary programme.
• The lecture series The Futures of the Museum will be attended by the directors of IVAM, Nuria Enguita, and MACBA, Elvira Dyangani Ose, the researcher and teacher Yaiza Hernández, and the artist Asier Mendizabal.
• Artium Museoa is organising the first Nítido (Clear) seminar in September, a programme curated by Sara Berasaluce in collaboration with the Education Department to assess the relationship between young audiences and museums.
• The museum will organise a new edition of its Encounters of Contemporary Art Documentation Centres in November, with speakers from the Getty Institute, National Library and Reina Sofía Museum, among others, as well as a session dedicated to Artium Museoa’s Documentation Centre for Basque Women Artists.
• The museum is continuing its crosscutting commitment by developing a peer programme.
• This programme of exhibitions and activities is part of the museum’s 20th anniversary celebrations.


Artium Museoa, Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basque Country presents its programme of exhibitions and public programmes for the second part of its period celebrating the 20th anniversary of the opening of this institution.

The programme for the second half of 2022 begins with the exhibition Iván Zulueta’s Rapture, which deals with the figure and work of this Basque filmmaker (1943-2009). The exhibition explores the universe that he created through his ceaseless experimentation with images based on a selection of titles from his filmography, his work as a graphic artist, a number of interviews with people with whom he was associated, and even memorabilia. The exhibition will open on 14 October.

Two weeks later, on 28 October, the opening of the exhibition Jutta Koether. Black Place will take place. This is the artist’s first monographic exhibition in Spain and it will include pieces spanning more than three decades of her production, intersected by her interest in painting as a medium to develop a feminist practice. The exhibition at Artium Museoa brings together works using different formats and materialities, ranging from large canvases that act as re-appropriations of works by classical artists to medium and small format works on various formats in which Koether often applies other materials, thereby exceeding the limits of traditional painting.

Part of the museum’s 20th anniversary programme, The Collection Made Visible proposal will see a new rotation of works during the last week of September. The processes of research and dissemination of the museum’s own heritage also include an exhibition that the museum will dedicate to the artist Rafael Lafuente (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1936-2005) from January 2023.

In terms of public programmes, Artium Museoa will continue this semester with a series of talks entitled The Futures of the Museum, as well as the film seasons Feminist Cinema’s Stories – in collaboration with Tabakalera – and Basque Women Filmmakers II – organised by the Basque Film Library. The museum is also organising the first session of NÍTIDO in September, a programme aimed at analysing the relationship between young audiences and museums. November will also host the eleventh edition of the Encounters of Contemporary Art Documentation Centres, a biennial forum for knowledge exchange with the participation of leading experts from various documentary centres, including the Getty Research Institute in California, the Reina Sofía Museum, the National Library and Chillida Leku.

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