AMA 01. Plazaratu

Technical Sheet: Soft cover publication (15 x 23 cm), 240 pages. Basque and Spanish

Price: 20 €

Year of publication: 2023

ISSN: 2697-0546

Number 01 of AMA magazine. AMA stands for Artium / Museoa / Aldizkaria (Artium / Museum / Magazine).

Authors: Katinka Bock, Vicent Romagny, Carme Nogueira, Xabier Salaberria, Maialen Lujanbio, Mikel Onaindia, Rocío Robles, Lur Olaizola, Sonia Fernández Pan, Nader Koochaki, Thomas Boutoux, Beatriz Herráez

Graphic Design: Joaquín Gáñez

This second issue of AMA magazine is dedicated to Plazaratu, a strategic project of Artium Museoa that is part of one of its main lines of work: to extend the spaces for coexistence and exchange that the museum offers within the city and to serve as a meeting place for visitors and the museum.

Editorial Board: Ana Arregi, Thomas Boutoux, Yaiza Hernández, Beatriz Herráez, Lola Hinojosa, Miren Jaio, Catalina Lozano, Ismael Manterola, Elena Roseras y Beñat Sarasola.

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